12 signs that make you an iPhone addict


  1. You go everywhere with an USB cable.
  2. You hold one of the buttons of the remote control in order to rearrange channels.
  3. When someone rings the doorbell you slide under the eyelet to see who is it.
  4. At the pub, you rotate the menu – nothing happens.
  5. The first phone bill after you bought the phone was the biggest in your life. The second one holds the second place.
  6. You don’t go to those fucking conservative bars and cafes without Wi-Fi.
  7. Your dog’s name is Saurik.
  8. You always try to answer a call before the 40th second in order not to look like a fool.
  9. After a number of failures for sending something via Bluetooth to a friend, you get away with: „At least I can transfer to any other iPhone!“ You take a look around and there’s no other iPhone.
  10. You get totally mad every time a dumb air hostess interrupts your podcast and you have to give a lection on „Аirplane mode“ and why is it OK your phone to be switched on.
  11. You think that girls become horny when they see your phone. Wrong. They become horny when you give them one as a present.
  12. You are reading this and you think it’s actually funny 🙂


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