Nickelback – Next Go Round

Песен за секс. От „Dark Horse„, 2008 година.

I wanna do it till the sun comes up
till we’re both so good and sweaty that we can’t stand up
I wanna do it till we’re both about to drop
As long as we got it together then we’re never gonna stop

I wanna go until the neighbors are complaining
Till they hear somebody screamin and they think we’re both in pain
I wanna go so long your parents think you’ve died
They’re gonna call the cops the CIA and maybe FBI

We’re gonna love it when the lights go down
(hold on here we go)
We’re gonna go until our legs give out
(round and round we go)
We’re gonna do it hanging upside down
(up and down we go)
We’re gettin ready for the next go round
round and round we go

download: NickelBack – Next Go Round.mp3